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Our Mission

To Leave Every Interaction Better Than We Found It

Company Philosophy

Find A Way

How We’re Different

When you accept an offer from Sierra Buys, you can sell your house in 7 days (or more if you need additional time) – without the stress of…

  • Meeting realtors
  • Making expensive repairs
  • Cleaning and staging the property
  • Putting on stressful open houses
  • Having strangers in your home
  • Considering offers that may or may not even close
  • Needing to pack and move out of the home on the buyer’s schedule
  • Disposing of old furniture and trash – leave it! We can do that 🙂
Hill Top Neighborhood

Our Team

Joel 1

Joel Janson

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Joel Janson, the CEO of Sierra Buys, is both a trusted real estate leader and a familiar face, known for his appearances on TV with his twin boys. His authentic, caring approach to business and commitment to community service define the essence of our company.

As CEO, Joel drives Sierra Homebuyers to excel in delivering tailored home buying solutions, offering valuable assistance to homeowners navigating challenging situations. His leadership goes beyond professional responsibilities, with a keen focus on nurturing a compassionate, people-centric business environment.

Beyond Sierra Homebuyers, Joel is deeply committed to the Reno, NV community. Often, he’s out and about, contributing to local initiatives, creating a ripple effect of positivity beyond our business operations.

In every role he plays, from CEO to TV personality to community advocate, Joel embodies the spirit of service and compassion that Sierra Homebuyers is proud to represent.

Floyd 2

Tara Jimenez

Leads Manager

Tara Jimenez, the Leads Manager at Sierra Buys, is the cornerstone of our unwavering dedication to excellent client relations. Her profound experience in lead management combined with her natural talent for forging connections has been instrumental in the expansion of our enterprise.

Tara shoulders the responsibility of spotting, validating, and cultivating leads, harnessing her deep insight into our target clientele to construct potent pipelines for our sales division. Her focus on tangible outcomes ensures that we engage with potential clients in a manner that’s both effective and efficient.

More than her professional prowess, it’s Tara’s genuine empathy and exceptional communication capabilities that have endeared her to our clients. She embodies our company’s mission of putting customer concerns at the forefront and delivering unparalleled service.

With Tara at the helm of our lead management, Sierra Homebuyers confidently strides ahead, assured in our capability to resonate with and serve our clients proficiently.

Floyd 3

Vince Argentieri

Leads Manager

Vince Argentieri, as a Leads Manager at Sierra Buys, serves as the secondary contact responsible for overseeing the process of contacting and engaging with potential customers or leads who have expressed interest in a product or service.

Vince plays a pivotal role in the continued growth of the company through his expertise in the follow-up process. His diligent efforts in contacting and engaging with leads, providing timely information, and nurturing relationships contribute to the company’s success.

Vince’s commitment to effective follow-up ensures that potential customers receive the necessary support and guidance, ultimately leading to increased conversions and sustained growth for the company.

Bianca 1

Bianca Burgos

Operations Specialist

Bianca Burgos, the Operations Specialist at Sierra Buys, is the linchpin of our operations team, underpinning the company’s seamless functionality. With her meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to order, she ensures that every member of our team has the resources they need, right when they need them.

Taking on the essential role of keeping documents and crucial items organized and accessible, Bianca’s precision and proactive approach guarantee that nothing is ever out of place. Her ability to anticipate needs and ensure smooth processes sets the stage for operational excellence across the board.

Beyond her operational expertise, Bianca’s collaborative spirit and commitment to supporting her team members make her an invaluable asset. Her role goes beyond mere organization; she is the catalyst that ensures the entire team can function at its best.

With Bianca Burgos anchoring our operations, Sierra Homebuyers stands firm in its dedication to efficiency, ensuring that our internal processes translate into outstanding service for our clients.